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7 Things Digital Marketing Industry Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Industry expansion is dependent on various factors. When we talk about the latest trend influencing the business operations, digitization and AI are the most proliferating ones. Their impact has been impeccable and also paved the way for transformation. 

In today’s time, it would be difficult to imagine business operations without an online presence. Most of the companies are investing a huge sum of money in enhancing their online presence. Whether it is about enhancing the search engine ranking or brand awareness, virtual business presence is imperative for all.  But, again, it becomes important to mention digital marketing without an effective resolution to the customer means nothing. And, here, AI or Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

7 Things Digital Marketing Industry Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Today, most of the companies are merging the two technologies to create outstanding business operations, which can help in business growth.

Here are seven ways in which AI is impacting digital marketing industry:

  1. Chatbots– One of the first uses of AI, which more the companies are using, is Chatbots. These are developed to enhance the customer’s experience. It is a known fact that Chatbots can perform better than humans and that too without error. So, you can expect them to enhance user experience. It also helps in backlinking to a company’s website, thus increasing the traffic. 
  2. Customer preferences- Another important use of AI is in understanding customer preferences. E-commerce companies can make use of the AI tool to understand what kind of products consumer is looking for and what is their budget. Based on this, the companies can showcase the product of similar preferences, thus ensuring better customer service.
  3. Digital Advertising – Another area of application of AI in digital marketing is in digital advertising. For example, Google AdWords uses an automatic auction-based system that allows advertisers to plan the lowest possible cost per conversion. Facebook makes use of Machine Learning and AI. It is used to understand a user’s interests, demographics, and preferences. 
  4. Content curation– when it comes to AI, then there is yet another area of application of the same in the field of digital marketing, and that is content generation. With the help of AI, the content generation process can pick up the pace. The research is done on the topic, and the content is written as per the same and that too automatically, thus ensuring error-free content. 
  5. Understand the market– One of the most important uses of AI is helping in understanding the market and demographics. Based on this, the companies can strategize their more customer-oriented policies. 
  6. AI helps in shopping- Augmented Reality, which is a vertical of AI, is also picking up pace in the retail market. With the use of AR, thus the customer can try clothes without actually wearing the same. It eventually helps in enhancing the consumer’s experience.
  7. Email marketing– One of the important areas of application of AI is in email marketing. In times like today, when digitization has become prevented, we cannot rule out the importance of email marketing. AI has the potential to find the right information for the right audience. Using this feature, emails can be composed that is targeted towards a certain audience. All-in-all, it enhances customer’s experience by proving them more relevant data. 

Conclusion- All these benefits clearly indicate that there is a need for AI experts, and to become a certified artificial intelligence expert, you would need the help of platforms like Global Tech Council. The company is known to provide an artificial intelligence certification program, which entails all the details about artificial intelligence. After the successful completion of this course, you become an artificial intelligence expert and will hold great prospects of growth. 


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Hello, everyone, I am here to help you to know about future technology and its benefits. With this technology benefits, you can change the way of your professional life.

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