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Elevate Your Career in Data Science Expert

If we talk about one of the most lucrative career options of the modern-day, then Data Scientists take the lead. In fact, as per the Harvard Business Review, it is the most lucrative career option that opens a wide gateway of opportunity for those who are seeking for making a career in the field of technology. There is a growing demand for data science expert across different industries, this is primarily because data plays a key role in redefining business strategies. The data that lies with most of the industry is raw and segregated; it is the work of data scientist to arrange this data in a way that useful information can be derived from the — most of online data science certification program focus on imparting practical learning experience. 

Elevate Your Career in Data Science Expert

A career in data science 

After successful completion of data science training, you will become eligible for various positions in different industries. Some of the popular job profile that you can get after becoming a data science expert:

  1. Data Analyst- This is an entry-level job where the primary responsibility of the data analyst is to look at the data available with the company and based on it, they have to give answers to the questions. For example, they will have to look at the sales data and predict the strength and weakness of the same. 
  2. Data Scientist – This profile is similar to the data analyst, but they are majorly concerned with building machine learning models that study the past data and based on it to the forecasting for the future.  If you are already working as a data scientist, then your next profile would be a senior data scientist. You may later enhance your career prospects by becoming a machine learning expert. This is a more technical field wherein you would be required to have in-depth knowledge about the technical and mathematical skills. As a data scientist, you can expect your salary to be around $20,000 or more yearly. 
  3. Data Engineer– They manage the company’s infrastructure. Their work profile is more on software development than statistical analysis. They are responsible for building data pipelines to collect the sales data, marketing data and send it to the data analyst for further analysis.  

Other prospects of data science-

Well, data science is a huge field that has a wide scope of opportunities. If you are planning to make a career in this field, then apart from the careers mentioned above prospects, you also have the following job options:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Marketing analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Operations Analyst

The Future-With such a huge spectrum of job opportunities and learning profiles, data science is definitely a great career option. If you too are willing to make your career grow, then you can opt for a data science certification program offered by Global Tech Council. It is a comprehensive program that offers a complete insight into data science, its use cases, and application. Besides, practical learning experience ensures that you know how to use the theory into practical application development. So, if you wish to grow professionally and stay ahead of the competition, then data science certification is a must.


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