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Few Chatbots Expert Interview Questions & Answer For Freshers

Nowadays, you can find the prevalence of many tools and software that have transformed business operations. A chatbot is one such tool. Powered by AI, you can find almost every company making use of the same. In fact, it has also emerged as a popular career option. You can also become a chatbot certification expert. Companies like Global Tech Council is providing a great platform where you can learn about chatbots, preparing apps, and syncing them with the current business operations. 

Few Chatbots Expert Interview Questions & Answer For Freshers

After pursuing a certification course in a chatbot, you can apply for a job across different industries. The work of a chatbot developer includes developing chatbots, understand software development, construct new chatbots, and other AI-based chatbot systems. Now that you know about chatbot developers, it becomes important to acquaint yourself with a few question and answers which can help you crack the interview.

Few Questions :

1. How well you know about NLP or Natural Processing Language?

Chatbots are developed to provide the user with a conversation interaction between human and machine, and Natural Processing Language makes this happen easily. This language ensures that chatbots are more human. So, knowing NLP or Natural Processing language is important. 

2. What are the other programming language, you know?

As a Bot developer, you are required to have knowledge about different programming languages and technologies. Some of the popular languages that you should be knowing are Python, Java, Clojure, jQuery, Java, Angular, SQL, JavaScript, and Amazon Simple Service. 

3. Is it possible to control Bot once it has gone live?

Once you have made Bot live, it can be controlled. It has been programmed to understand a set of questions. The company developing the bot can decide when to expand or shrink the understanding of questions. 

4. What is Mitsuku consumer bot?

It is one of the most popular and important bots which runs on Pandorabots. It is the world’s leading conversation; AI chatbot platform. Pandorabots offers free web service for building bots. 

5. How can you use AIML or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language or AIML to simplify bot models’ conversation?

AIML is a flexible and universal language that the bot develops uses to write pattern templates. The developer uses AIML to match words and phrase patterns to keywords so that bits can have a more humane interaction with the user. 

Wrapping it up- Chatbots is one of the most human ways the software can interact with humans and answer their queries. There are many bots that are being used to enhance customer interaction and customer satisfaction.


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