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AI Help eCommerce Business To Drive A Sales Higher

Artificial intelligence deals with using computers to understand human intelligence, and it is the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It refers to adding human capabilities into machines. AI initiates problem-solving, common sense, and analytical reasoning power in machines. Put simply, AI involves making computer programs that imitate human behavior.

AI Help eCommerce Business To Drive A Sales Higher

Application of AI in E-Commerce to Drive Sales

Here are some ways in which e-commerce companies use artificial intelligence technology to boost sales.

1. Buiding an Assortment Intelligence Tool

Customers are now forcing retailers to change their pricing strategy. It is thus imperative that multichannel retailers apply flexibility to retain customers when it comes to price structuring. Retailers are now turning to a new tool called assortment intelligence. It is a tool facilitating an unprecedented level of 24*7 visibility and provides valuable insights into the product assortments of competitors. It provides businesses with the ability to adjust their product mix and pricing with high accuracy. It provides an impressive competitive advantage as it provides complete visibility into the products being offered in the market. Businesses will be able to monitor the product mix of the competitors that will be segmented based on product, brand and the percentage of overlap. It puts retailers in a strong position to make specific planning decisions and track the impact of the same.

2. Personalized recommendations

AI suggests free recommendations by text or popup. All the searches related to products are gathered and compiled, following which the appropriate recommendations are sent to the customers. Product recommendations provide a personal touch to the users. The search engine analyzes the identified user’s preferences using AI with respect to the brands they follow. Product recommendations are a reflection of the user’s past purchases and his activities on the website. This will help users find what they are looking for and will eventually lead to sales. The users rate the services and brands that are directly proportional to the Return on Investment (ROI).

3. Voice Assistants

It is highly important to make the shopping experience worthy and memorable as the growth of technology in today’s era is immense. AI-enabled voice assistants offer customers with pleasant and interactive solutions. Voice assistants can help smoothen the user experience. Big e-commerce giants are providing users with the power of voice for better analysis and recommendations. It makes the shopping process hassle-free for the user as there is no need for them to type their requests every time. It offers a personal and human touch to the entire online shopping experience.

4. Advance Visual Search Engine

Recently, the visual search engine was introduced by artificial intelligence in the e-commerce sector. It is one of the stimulating trends that help users discover what they want just through a single click. AI can be regarded as a driven technology that enables the visual search. The user will be able to get appropriate results in a simple click. An image will be helpful to find the better size, color, and quality to identify the names and brand of products on the search engine. The users can get hold of the desired results based on the image.


Artificial Intelligence enabled applications with smart capabilities are solving real-world problems in today’s scenario. AI, no doubt, offers a consistent and personalized experience to users, brands, and services. To become an AI expert and learn more about artificial intelligence certifications, check out Global Tech Council.


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