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Top 5 Countries Where Artificial Intelligence Change The Way Of Business Life

Artificial Intelligence though, has been in existence for a long time, but its increasing importance in recent years has made it create a transforming impact on business operations. Since 2010, AI has witnessed a compounded growth of 60%, and it will continue to grow in the times to come. We cannot deny the fact that AI is transforming our lives, despite many of us not knowing about the same. When we talk about AI technology, then its implementation is in every aspect of life, right from the programmed infotainment system to complex business operations, you can find its usage in all walks of life. 

AI comprises a wide range of tools that help people rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the inference to improve decision making. When we talk about AI, then it’s a growing technology that is slowly influencing the world economy in different ways. There are many nations that are working aggressively in this field, but a few of them have created impeccable growth in the field of AI. Here is a brief overview of such nations.

Top 5 Countries Where Artificial Intelligence Change The Way Of Business Life

Top 5 nations in the field of AI

China– It is one of the nations which is progressing in the world of AI and other technologies. China has also made its intention clear of becoming the worlds’ leading AI innovator by 2030, Beijing has announced creating a US$2.1 billion AI-centric technology park, and Tianjin creates a US$16 billion AI fund. The investment in the field of AI in China has also received foreign funding, It received 48% of global AI venture funding which was more than the US. 

Germany- Another nation which is slowly progressing in the field of AI is Germany. The government is planning to accelerate its pace of development of AI technologies, and hence, ut has planned to invest €3 billion in AI by 2025. This research will focus on the implementation part of AI. The focus of the German government would be to adopt AI to expand its economy and improve competitiveness. As per a recent study in the nation, it is expected that AI can add €32 billion to the country’s manufacturing output. With the active implementation of AI, it is expected for this number to grow in the future.

United States– Amongst the leading nations which are investing in AI, the US is one of the highly progressive ones. It has been a leader in public and private AI research. In 2012, VC funded US$282 million in AI initiatives, and this number increased to US$5 billion by 2017. By 2018, this amount increased to US$8 billion. The coffer of investments that opened up in the US has helped many organizations to work on AI and allied fields.  

Japan- When we talk about Technology, then we cannot undermine the importance of AI. As per the Times Higher Education rankings, Japan stands third when it comes to papers published in the field of AI. Though Japan is still growing in the field of AI, it’s 55% of work activities are automated. 

UK– Another country that is working equivalently well in the field of AI in the UK. It has a public around 100 papers in AI.  DeepMind, which is the world leader in AI, was founded in Britain in 2010. It employs around 250 researchers and artificial intelligence experts.

The Way Ahead- 
With the growing number of nations investing in AI, there would need for certified artificial intelligence experts. There are a number of institutes offering Artificial Intelligence certification courses, which will give you a complete insight into AI and its application. Global Tech Council is one such institute which is providing artificial intelligence certification. You can enroll in this program and become a certified AI expert.


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